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Viespi gigant (gargauni) au omorat 42 de oameni in China

CNN Hong Kong afirma ca gargaunii au ucis câteva zeci de oameni in China si ca au rănit mai mult de 1500 datorită veninului foarte puternic. Viespea Gigantica Asiatica cunoscuta științific sub denumirea de Vespa mandarina, este purtatoarea unui venin care distruge celule roșii din sânge si care poate provoca disfunctionarea ficatului si ulterior moartea.

Totuși o problema mai mare decat toxicitatea veninului este alergia. Oamenii sunt in mod natural mult mai alergici la insectele mușcătoare. O întepatura poate provoca o reacție mortala care poate implica oprirea respiratorica si un stop cardiac. Din Iulie viespile au omorât 42 de persoane  si rănit 1675, in 3 localități din provincia Shaanxi, conform informațiilor de la guvernul local. Dintre cei atacați 206 au primit îngrijiri medicale in spitale.

Ce sunt acesti gargauni?

viespea asiatica gigantica face parte din cea mai mare specie de viespi din lume si arata precum "pit bull-ul viespiilor". Are un cap cu care parca nu v-ati mai intalnit. acest tip de insects se gasesc prin estul si sud estul Asiei, in tari precum China, Koreea, Japonia, India si Nepal. Viespea gigantica are aproximativ 3.5 pana la 3.9 centimetri in lungime, cam cat un degete mare al unui barbat matur si are acul cu care inteapa de grosimea unui ac, conform bazei de date a Universitatii din Michigan. Regina este insa mult mai mare, acestea pot ajunge la peste 5 centimetri.

Speciile hranesc puii cu ouale altor insecte si folosesc mandibula pentru sfaramita trupul si capul victimelor.
Entomologist Bob Jacobson took this photo of a queen Vespa mandarinia that is native to China.
Aceasta poza este prezinta regina viespiilor mandarinia car sunt native din China. Viespiile gigant sunt atrase de transpiratie umana, alcool, aromed dulci si diferite mirosuri. Sunt sensibile in special atunci cand animalele sau oamenii se misca repede, alearga, conform informatiilor de la Xinhua.
In fiecare sezon de imperechiere, viespiile gigantice, gargaunii, produc o medie de  1,000 pana la 2,000 pui. Se hranesc cu larvele altor insecte precum viespiile si albinele, lansand atacuri coordonate asupra cuiburilor prazilor.

Majoritatea cuiburilor gargaunilor sunt izolate si greu de gasit, foarte bine ascunse, in zone indepartate, in trunchiul copacilor si chiar sub pamant.

Un localnic numit Mu Conghui care a fost atacat in timp ce-si recolta produsele de pe camp spunea ca gargaunii sunt oribili, l-au atacat in jurul capului si al picioarelor. A fost muscat si apoi n-a mai putut sa se miste. Chiar si dupa cateva saptamani inca se mai vedeau pe picioare urmele de intepaturi. 2 luni mai tarziu, dupa 13 dialize si 200 de cusaturi, Mu este inca in spital si nu poate sa-si miste picioarele.

The Asian giant hornet has a venom that destroys red blood cells.The Asian giant hornet has a venom that destroys red blood cells. Makino, who specializes in entomology, warned that the sting from an Asian giant hornet was severe compared with those of other insects.

The influx of venom to the human body can cause allergic reactions and multiple organ failure, leading to death. Patients like Mu have been receiving dialysis to remove the toxins from their bodies. In photos, patients bore deep, dark craters scattered across their limbs, the size of bullet wounds.

Dr. Wang Xue, director of the intensive care unit at First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University and an expert of the provincial hornet sting treatment guidance unit, warned in a Shaanxi government release that hornets tend to be aggressive and more active during September and October, their breeding season. The hornets do not go into hibernation until December, according to local government authorities.

Local authorities have deployed thousands of police officers and locals to destroy the hives. About 710 hives have been removed and at least 7 million yuan (about $1.1 million U.S.) sent to areas affected by hornets, according to a government press release.

De ce sunt mai dese atacurile gargaunilor?

The spate of attacks could be caused by the unusually dry weather in the area, authorities say. The arid environment makes it easier for hornets to breed. Urbanization could also be a contributing factor, as humans move into hornets' habitats.

Some experts cited in Xinhua stated additional factors such as increased vegetation and a decrease in the hornets' enemies, such as spiders and birds, because of ecological changes.

In other words, it's a good season for the hornet population, which makes it a bad season for people who encounter them.

The provincial government of Shaanxi has warned residents to wear long sleeves when outdoors and not to attempt to drive the swarms away or remove the hives.

Japan is familiar with Asian giant hornet stings, too. About 30 to 50 deaths are reported each year in Japan from such attacks, according to Japanese studies. Most of the deaths are due to allergies to the venom, Makino said.

The giant hornets are also destructive to western honeybees. Research in Japan suggests that tens of thousands of honeybee hives are damaged by the giant hornets each year.

Produse recomandate pentru combaterea viespilor:

Cum sa va protejati impotriva gargaunilor?

People run into trouble when these hornets form a nest: a basketball-shaped nest that looks like it's made of gray paper, sometimes under an eave, Schmidt said. If you disturb one of these, or happen to whack a tree that has a nest in it, the hornets may respond as if they're under attack.

Humans can get themselves in danger by reacting poorly to these large hornets. If you see a nest or a hive, just avoid it, Schmidt says. If one of them buzzes around you, don't panic.

"Don't flap or scream or freak out," he advised. "Just calmly walk away."

One victim told local media this month that "the more you run, the more they want to chase you." Some victims described being chased about 200 meters (656 feet) by a swarm.

An area of research that hasn't been explored is how many people get stung by these hornets while taking down a nest in order to use the larvae as fish bait, or even to eat. The larvae do not have venom, Schmidt explained. But in general, people should not tamper with these nests.

As powerful as their sting can be, it is highly unlikely that these hornets would travel all the way to the United States to find a new home, Schmidt said, or in the United Kingdom for that matter. To go to Western Europe, they'd have to cross some "nasty deserts" to which they are not adapted. As deadly as live adult giant hornets can be, some people don't shy away from them altogether.

2 Intrebari si Raspunsuri

  • Gartoi George
    26/03/2015 at 2:32 pm

    Buna ziua,
    Ce solutie se poate folosi impotriva gargaunilor (vespa).

    • PestControl Expert
      26/03/2015 at 2:56 pm

      Cea mai buna solutie impotriva viespilor este K-Othrine WG 250 (, un plic de 20g diluat in 5l de apa. Aceasta solutie o pulverizati in zonele unde se aduna viespile si chiar pe cuibul acestora in cazul in care l-ati localizat( si chiar sa spargeti cuibul daca aveti posibilitatea) insa va fi necesar sa detineti un echipament de protectie.

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